June 25, 2009

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain, 1884
Huck fakes his death and
helps Jim, a runaway slave,
escape to freedom

This is one of those classics that is usually assigned in high school, but somehow never got assigned in my classroom. It's full of great characters: The Duke & The King, Pap Finn, Tom Sawyer, Aunt Sally, not to mention Huck and Jim. It's full of flavorful people and southern traditions. Makes me want to get my hands on some corn pone.

While it's sometimes hard to get through Jim's thick dialect, there's something natural and honest about him. He genuinely cares for Huck and tries to protect him, physically and emotionally. He doesn't respond like a slave to a master. He responds like a man to a child. I loved how Huck grew up along their journey down the river. Confronted with difficult choices, he was able to respond somewhat rationally and sincerely. Somewhat. (PG-13)

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