June 20, 2009

Anne of Green Gables

Lucy Maud Montgomery, 1908
Anne, an orphan, is
sent to Green Gables and there
finds a family

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandma's house. Along with an endless supply of potato chips and onion dip, she always had the best movies to watch. One of these was Anne of Green Gables. I remember in elementary school being obsessed with this movie, and I'm assuming that this is where my overwhelming desire to have red hair came from.

The book was exactly like the movie. I blushed at the same places, and cried at the same places. The only thing about the book that bothered me, was that Gilbert Blythe was hardly in it. I missed him. I wanted some witty banter and smart come-backs. Gilbert was pleasant in the book, but in the movie, he's a sassafras. (PG)

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