June 20, 2009

Eve's Daughters

Lynn Austin, 1999
Three generations
of headstrong women are hurt
by an old secret

I tried to be part of a book club once. It didn't work out so well. I volunteered to host one month and this was the book I chose. None of the bookstores had it in stock, and it was checked out of every library in the area. I never ended up reading it. I'm the worst book club host ever. It didn't really matter, though, because only one person showed up. We ate a lot of strawberry shortcake that day.

There's a lot of Christian symbolism intertwined in the story, which I thought gave it an interesting perspective. I liked being able to read about each generation of women separately throughout the book, and I think it helped the pace. And I did manage to guess the "secret" of the book within the first five minutes. Yes. I'm that astute. (PG-13)

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