June 18, 2009

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins, 2008
Katniss and Peeta
fight to survive by staying
ahead of the game

When I heard that Stephenie Meyer had dubbed this book a 'must read' , I thought, "Here we go again...the craze continues..." And it does. And this book rocks. And I will read the upcoming sequel. If you're surprised by the intensity with which I speak about this book, it's obviously because you haven't read it. It does not take long to become engaged in this story; all you need is a few minutes, and you will be completely drawn in.

It's just young adult fiction, but it's such a cool premise with super interesting characters and funky names and colorful imagery. I can't wait to read this sequel, because I know it's going to be just as good (if not better) than the first book. Collins is also the author of the Gregor the Overlander series. (PG-13)

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  1. Oh yeah, and cool picture. It really grabs the essence of a book lover. Are you going to do a thing on Jurassic Park? I made my own little haiku for it.

    Death and Destruction
    Consume an island of
    humans and dinos

    What do you think?

  2. Dang it, my second line doesn't have 7 syllables. Let me revise.

    Death and Destruction
    Consume an island full of
    Humans and Dinos

  3. Just wanted to say that this book is way better than Twilight. Unlike the vampire lover chick, I didn't want this protagonist to die halfway through.

  4. I read this the other day... and I agree. It's a great book. I thought it had just about everything you could look for in it... humor, drama, romance (Sort of), action. I loved it, and I can't wait for the sequel!