June 15, 2009

Mansfield Park

Jane Austen, 1814
Fanny is always
unsure of her emotions
but sure of her heart

A random book club pick led me to read this, as it probably would have been years before I bothered on my own. I loved the film version with Frances O'Connor, but there were parts of the film that I found slightly disturbing. (ie. Uncle Bertram, the creepster.) Come to find out, these parts are not in the book. Go figure. I'll never understand why Hollywood can't just let some things be.

Fanny Price is actually one of the least liked of Jane Austen's heroines, and it's plain to see why. She's a prude. Mary Crawford is this novel's "it" girl. She's full of sass and gets all the attention she craves (especially from Edmund), but it's so rewarding to see her get put in her place. (PG)

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  1. This is by far my favorite Jane Austen book. I'm glad you've read it, too...because I feel like we're the only two people in the world who have, hahaha.