June 21, 2009

The Pelican Brief

John Grisham, 1992
Darby stumbles on
secrets involving greed and
political ties

Darby Shaw...what a great heroine! John Grisham was probably the first contemporary adult author that I read. I loved that they were smart thrillers, with elements of mystery and intrigue. I still remember character names from this book, ie. Darby Shaw, Gray Grantham, Victor Mattiece...and the name of the law firm: White & Blazevich. They're forever burned into my memory.

The movie was a fair adaptation of the story, and in some ways I prefer it. I loved having Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington (without the relationship that the book develops) play the main characters. This is the perfect example of a book that just works. Plain and simple. (PG-13)

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