June 15, 2009

Sense & Sensibility

Jane Austen, 1811
Elinor wisely
helps Marianne overcome
the pressures of love

Elinor Dashwood is, hands down, my favorite heroine. Marianne's fun and all, but Elinor...[sigh]. There's something so mature about her, so "sensible". Of course, we all know she's hiding her true feelings; that she's burdened with emotions. I wish I could mask my own emotions half as well. The whole story's just perfect. Edward is perfect. Colonel Brandon is perfect. Willoughby is...perfectly horrible.

Even the movie versions are all perfect. The Emma Thompson film is so beautiful and simple, and recently, the BBC made a new version that is absolutely beyond fabulous. I'm getting emotional just thinking about them. (PG)

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  1. This is a great blog. My son-in-law is hopefully going to be published soon. He just finished submitting his final draft to a potential publisher. My hopes are that, one day, his book would be part of your collection.