June 14, 2009


Michael Crichton, 1999
in Dordogne, France change the
past for the better

Another one of those that I read after seeing the film. Yes, the film starring Paul Walker. I know. Please continue reading. I actually saw this film three times in the theater. The most times I've ever seen a film in a theater. It was in this film that I discovered Gerard Butler and Anna Friel, both fabulous discoveries, as we now know. I liked the movie so much that I tried (unsuccessfully) to force my closest friends to enjoy it as well. Needless to say, P.W. can be kind of a stumbling block at times.

Good thing he's not in the book. Well, the character is, but that's the great thing about books: it allows the mind to create its own images. Simply put, it was fast-paced and exciting. And the great thing, is that with Michael Crichton you're always learning. (PG-13)

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