June 21, 2009

The Trouble With Poetry

Billy Collins, 2005
I sometimes wish that
Billy Collins could tuck me
in and read to me

Kurt bought me this collection our first Christmas together. I cried when I opened it. Not because I love the collection that much, but because my sweet husband bought me poetry, and by the right poet, too. The great thing with poetry, is that there's always something for everyone. One poem will appeal to one person, and not to another. It's great seeing which ones are your special ones.

Some that I love from this collection are: "You, Reader", "Statues in the Park", "Eastern Standard Time", "Flock", "The Lanyard", and "The Introduction". Please read him and love him. (PG)

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  1. When I went to the library with my mom, I discovered that our library did, in fact, have copies of Billy Collins. The reason it didn't show up, is because my Mom had put them on hold, so that she could read them! So, I stole The Trouble With Poetry from my mom, and I read it in about 20 minutes. It was really good, I really enjoyed it! You have a great taste in poetry :)