August 9, 2009

And Then There Were None

Agatha Christie, 1939
Ten visitors are
killed, according to the rhyme,
for their evil sins

The copy I had as a child was called Ten Little Indians. It was tattered by the time I received it and had that old book smell (I think it was my mother's), but I ate it up just the same. I'm sure there have been several film versions made of this story, but the one I saw had Richard Attenborough as a creepster, which bothered me because he was so jolly (albeit insane) in Jurassic Park.

This is Agatha Christie's best-selling novel to date (and one of the top-selling books of all time). Not only have they made films, but they've made plays (which I think would be awesome), and also a video game for the Wii. (I believe it tanked.) The story itself is so clever and twisted that anyone who is even remotely a fan of mysteries should count this as required reading. (PG-13)

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  1. I read this one in high school. It thoroughly terrified me. I think I would turn down all "spend the night" dinner invitations after reading this...and watching Clue. I'm surprised it has sold more copies than Murder on the Orient Express.