August 30, 2009

Peter Pan

J.M. Barrie, 1911
The story about
the boy who never grew up
and his adventures

There are two movies that I remember seeing in the theater as a child: Home Alone and Hook. Although Kevin McAllister holds a special place in my heart, Hook always fascinated me. I loved the mix of fantasy and reality (ie. food fight), and I believe it's still just as good almost 20 years later. I believe that this is because Peter's story is essentially timeless.

The original storyline more closely matches the latest film version, Peter Pan. (Jason Isaacs never disappoints.) One commonality among the many adaptations is that the actor who portrays Mr. Darling also plays the part of Captain Hook. (Of course this isn't true in Hook because Mr. Darling is long dead...) Even the animated film has the same actor doing the voice work for Mr. Darling and Captain Hook. (G)

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  1. From what I read, even when the play started, they always had the same actor play Captain Hook and the Father. I think it's supposed to be saying something about how children feel about their parents.

  2. "Bangarang!" loves it.

    "There you are, Peter!" will make me cry. every. time.

  3. Although Hook totally contradicts the original stories. There is a Peter Pan adventure based on Barrie's idea for more. Click my name to see! :)