October 18, 2009

In the Bedroom

Andre Dubus, 2001
Short stories about
tragedies and difficult
choices brought to light

My senior year, I had to take an Ethics in Literature course. Bro. D'Evegnee, one of the coolest teachers ever, assigned several of the short stories from this collection, and they are now some of my favorites. At first, I was a little concerned by the material, because we were at a church school, and I was trying to figure out my own qualifications for judging something as "Good" or "Bad".

I've since come to the conclusion that just because something contains difficult material does not necessarily make it bad, or not of worth. Some stuff is just crap, but there is often merit to be found in well-written fiction. Dubus presents some seriously gut-wrenching topics, but the way he does it is stellar. He knows people, real people, and real people sometimes contain difficult material. (R)

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  1. Well said. Gratuitous cursing or violence or sexual situations that do nothing to move the plot so often detract from what could be a good story. Handled properly, they don't have to do so. I often judge a book on whether or not I would feel comfortable passing it along to my mom. But when a book is good enough, well written and makes me think, I tell myself that she can probably handle it. -Hope you don't mind me taking a peek at your blog once in awhile, I love your suggestions for new books.