October 18, 2009

In the Woods

Tana French, 2007
A young girl's murder
torments a detective with
haunting memories

On Valentine's Day last year, Kurt and I decided that our gift to each other would be a trip to Border's. I bought a cookbook and this, which I found while browsing the mystery section. Generally it's not a section I would browse (usually I look through New Fiction), but the cover was creepy-looking and I was instantly intrigued. (Refer to my post The Westing Game for more info about my obsession with mysteries.)

I read the whole book in a weekend. The author is Irish, so the story is filled with regional colloquialisms (which I think makes it more interesting). A murder, which took place in the detective's old neighborhood, causes him to flash back to scenes from his childhood, when his two best friends mysteriously disappeared. One let-down: Don't expect answers. (I don't like loose ends.) (R)

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