December 9, 2009

The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown, 2003
A cryptologist
has to follow the clues to
find the Holy Grail

When I was in Peru, I would see copies of this book everywhere, and it looked so interesting (especially after reading the same three books for sixteen months). Not like it would have been as good for me in Spanish, but I missed fiction desperately. When I returned to the United States a few months later, it was the first novel I read. I finished it in about two days.

Mystery books with word puzzles and secret clues have always intrigued elementary school librarian can attest to my monopolizing every Nancy Drew novel available. In fact, I like to think of Dan Brown as a modernized version of Carolyn Keene (yes, I know she's not real). I was captivated by every page of this book, although I must admit to being disturbed by the albino's repeated self-flagellation. (PG-13)

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