December 17, 2009

Ender's Game

Orson Scott Card, 1985
A small boy must save
the world from giant space bugs
in the near future

During my last semester at BYU-Idaho, Orson Scott Card came to present a Forum and speak at a Pre-Professional Conference for my department. I attended the meeting in the morning at the PPC and later in the afternoon attended the Forum like many students. But, I also had the opportunity to attend a small luncheon with the few other members of my Humanities Seminar. I basically stalked OSC for a day.

Several of my friends have suggested that I read this book, but it wasn't until our last vacation to California that Kurt (my husband) took the initiative and bought a copy to read for himself. When he finished it three days after starting, I knew it was time for me to give it a shot. Sci-Fi's not my favorite, but I found myself easily engaged and rooting for this somewhat helpless character. (PG-13)

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  1. I'm super jealous of you. I'm an Orson Scott Card super-fan. I would have loved to hear what he spoke on.

    Do you know he has some fantasy stuff too? Or do you have the same problem with that that you do with sci-fi?

  2. He was pretty sweet to listen to. He's persuasive...if he had told me to jump off the Taylor Building, I probably would have done it. Honestly, he spoke mostly on writing (imagine that) and media. I know you're mocking me, but I've actually read one of the 'Alvin' books. How's that?

  3. Awesome! I had no idea that you would be into the Alvin Maker stuff. I enjoyed them a lot starting with the 3rd book especially. I think that's where a new character Arthur Stewart shows up. He's my favorite.

    I agree with you about the persuasiveness of OSC. I read his "Uncle Orson Reviews Everything" stuff and I start supporting things I really don't care about. Candace is awesome to put up with me.