December 23, 2009


William Shakespeare, 1603
If Othello was
not so gullible, none of
this would have happened

It's true that Iago's a pretty bad duder. Probably one of the sneakiest villains ever. The problem I have is that Iago really didn't do anything. There were no physical actions of evil perpetrated by Iago. (Ok, maybe speaking is an action...) But, my point is that everything bad that happened, happened at each person's own hands. Iago's like Satan, talking them into following their own crazy notions to their demise.

This story is about choices. About people so caught up by greed and jealousy and rage (everyone in this story needs anger management bad...) that they let those feelings blind them to reality. If Othello had stopped and taken a breath for like five minutes, he probably would have figured out that Desdemona was telling him the truth the whole time. Guess that's why it's called a tragedy. (PG-13)

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  1. Katie from work was talking about how there is a play I guess going on for this. Can I just say I love to touch things...thank you for your blog.