December 23, 2009


Jane Austen, 1818
After seven years
is there a remote chance that
he could still love her?

It seems almost impossible that a person like Anne Elliott could come from such a horrible family. Of course we never know her mother, but her father and both of her sisters, (even their family friend, Lady Russell) are complete poops. They're the kind of people that constantly find fault with everyone else, when they're not all that hot to trot themselves. Bunch of punks.

Anne and Captain Wentworth are definitely one of my favorite Austen duos. They hardly talk the entire novel and when they do it's so tense and awkward, but I really felt a connection with this character. This has nothing to do with my life experience; it's simply the beauty of Jane Austen's writing. Something cool: Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) was named after the hero of this book. Pretty sweet, huh? (PG)

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