December 21, 2009

The Sonnets

William Shakespeare, 1609
No haiku I write
could hope to measure up to
Shakespeare's worst sonnet

I decided I hadn't read enough of Shakespeare and set a goal to read ten sonnets everyday at work. The best part is that his complete works are available online for anyone to read at their leisure. Ten sonnets a day worked pretty well for me, and in a couple of weeks I was finished. Most of them I could decipher, but there were a few I had to look up modern translations for. (Please, like you wouldn't?)

One thing I managed to do while reading was keep a running list of my favorite sonnets. In all reality, this might just be a list of sonnets that I was able to understand without much trouble. XXVII, XXV, XXIX, LX, LXXXVIII, XCIV, CVI, CXVI, and CXXX. If you have difficulties with roman numerals (which I do), I apologize, but these are worth looking up. P.S. I believe in Shakespeare...not the Baconian Theory. (PG-13)

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