January 5, 2010

Because of Winn-Dixie

Kate DiCamillo, 2000
India Opal's
stray dog helps her overcome
her abandonment

India Opal Buloni. A name one could only find in Naomi, Florida (a fictional town). Other than her flower child name, India Opal is an extremely likeable character. (Lately, I feel like all the little girls in stories I read are exactly like this one and that they all speak with southern accents.) She becomes even more likeable after she names the dog she found after the grocery in which she found him (Winn-Dixie).

The story is filled with odd folks from her neighborhood, reminiscent of Where the Heart Is, who she befriends in turn. Winn-Dixie (the dog, not the store) is the one who really helped the girl make friends, creating circumstances that allow the people of this small town to interweave themselves into each other's lives. It's a reminder that everyone has a story and needs someone to share it with. (G)

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