January 17, 2010

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens, 1843
Ebenezer Scrooge
is visited by three ghosts
who know his errors

Scrooge is probably one of the most pathetic characters ever created. You don't really like him in the beginning of the story, but you feel bad for him, and by the end you love him. There is something relatable about a man turned cold by his own decisions and the treatment of others. If you ever feel like you're becoming like him, you should remember two words: Tiny Tim. That should bring you back to your senses.

I read this right before Christmas and thought it would be fun to also watch one of the film versions, so we borrowed The Muppet Christmas Carol from our friends and watched Michael Caine (I love him) play the part of Scrooge so perfectly. There are quite a few actors who have attempted this role, but I think he plays it the best. Although I can imagine Albert Finney did quite well. (PG)

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