January 17, 2010


Neil Gaiman, 2002
Through a locked door there
is another mother who
is waiting to play

Neil Gaiman is also the author of Stardust, which I've yet to read, but the movie was original and fun, and so I thought maybe this book might be somewhat similar...and it would have been, if I wasn't wanting to cry out in terror the entire time. It was original, but fun...I don't know. At first glance it's an interesting little story about a child caught between two worlds, but then it starts getting creepy.

Between the beetle-eating mother and the button eyes, my face was almost permanently frozen in disgust. It's supposed to be a kind of horror story, and it definitely fit the bill. Even the end of the book reminded of the final scene from The Ring 2 where Naomi Watts locks Samara in the well...don't ask why I've seen that movie. (PG)

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