January 17, 2010

Deception Point

Dan Brown, 2001
In the Milne Ice Shelf
NASA finds a meteor
which has proof of life

I think reading Dan Brown is pretty enjoyable. He doesn't take a lot of effort, and he's somewhat intense. Yes, any average reader can get through his books. They're kind of fluffy. I mean, not completely fluffy, but a little. One nice thing about reading his books is that you know you'll probably learn something new, whether it's about history or science, etc. Important? Most likely not. But new.

I was having a good old time, just jamming through the 700+ pages, and I was impressed by how appropriate the content was. I've read The Da Vinci Code, and it was pretty tame, but you never know. I had read a little over halfway and was feeling quite confident, when all of a sudden, he throws down a bunch of F-words in one chapter. Nowhere else in the story, just that one chapter. Totally random. And gratuitous? (R)

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