January 17, 2010

Fairy Dust & the Quest for the Egg

Gail Carson Levine, 2005
A brand new fairy,
uncertain of her talent,
helps save Mother Dove

So it's about fairies. So what? My best friend is having a little girl in a few months and they're decorating her room like a fairy garden...and I think it's cute! Am I really into fairies? No. Have I ever been into fairies? No. Doesn't mean I can't read a book about them. The author has taken some liberties with the original stories of Mr. Barrie, but I think they work all right, although the book is a little silly.

The illustrations, which were done by David Christiana, are so pretty...it's seriously a treat to turn each page and just look at what he's created. (Although the drawings of Captain Hook are hideous...with reason, I assume.) I also appreciate the insight that Levine provided into Tinkerbell. Mostly shown as jealous and loyal to a fault, it was nice to see a softer side. (G)

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