March 16, 2010

Of Mice & Men

John Steinbeck, 1937
George and Lennie are
friends who share the common goal
to get their own land

You know those times when your friend is going to try out for a play, or try to get their novel published, or audition for American Idol...and you just know it's not going to happen, but you feel like you have to support them, so you tell them they're going to do great, but then you feel like a jerk cause you know they got their hopes up and you know they're going to get their little hearts crushed...yeah that's like this book.

It's just so hard, because you want everything to go right with Lennie and George, but you know from the beginning that they just don't stand a chance. And it's sad. Not only because you care about them as characters, but because you know that things like this really happened; people really lived like this. It's ridiculous that I think I couldn't live without certain luxuries when others live with nothing. (PG-13)

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