April 16, 2010

Old Yeller

Fred Gipson, 1956
A boy and his dog
brave the wilderness and fight

I normally wouldn't do this, but I'm going to give away the ending in this post. If you happen to have not seen the movie, or read the book, or just heard the story, I'm surprised. So...sorry, but the dog dies at the end. In the movie, he gets sick and tries to attack the family, and so the boy has to shoot him, but in the book, they don't wait for him to get sick. My friend Jennifer says forlornly, "They didn't even give him a chance."

As a kid, I only saw this movie once, because my mom doesn't like movies where animals (or people) die. We still can't mention the name Maverick without her crying. (Our dog died three years ago.) And not only live-action movies, or non-fiction, but she can't watch The Lion King, or Jurassic Park. We've told her the dinos aren't real, but to no avail. P.S. Hydrophobia = Rabies. (PG)

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