February 1, 2010


Aprilynne Pike, 2009
Laurel discovers
that she is a plant and a
fairy all in one

I started reading this one night, and quickly noticed some oddly spelled words. Like colour, memorise, programme. It really bothered me. I'm thinking, 'Where does this chick get off? Is she trying to be unique or something?' I even showed my husband, who echoed my frustration. The next day I realized I was reading the British copy. Needless to say, I felt like quite a wiener.

I read this at the suggestion of my best friend, whose cousin happens to be the author. That's right, I've got connections...and I'm about to destroy them. Laurel, the main character, is just flat out ridiculous. She's basically a supermodel that never needs to wash her hair, and happens to have a perfect figure. And did I mention she never gets cramps? Great fiction, to me, is all about relatability. (PG-13)

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