June 1, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

L. Frank Baum, 1900
Dorothy is sent
to the strange land of Oz, but
she longs for Kansas

I wouldn't normally do this, but I have to admit that the movie was better than the book. And maybe I'm not giving it a fair shot, but that's my prerogative, as this is my blog. I understand that it could have been written as a serial (and I hope that it was), because it felt like each chapter was an entirely new story. And then this happened...and then this happened! Nothing seemed to flow together besides the wanting to get home part.

The Wicked Witch of the West was disappointing, to say the least, and was only mentioned in one chapter. That's hardly even a stumbling block. I guess I just wanted to get swept away, but I ended up plodding through twenty-four dull chapters. By the way, movie buffs/conspiracy theorists, make sure you get your facts straight. The original tin man did not die from the silver paint. Barnaby Jones, anyone? (G)

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