August 16, 2010


Michael Crichton, 1980
Peter takes Amy,
his gorilla, on a trip
back to the jungle

I noticed, after I wrote it, that my haiku made this book sound like a scene straight out of Curious George. Well, Peter is no 'Man in the Yellow Hat', and Amy is nothing like the tiny chimp. In fact, the only commonality between Curious George and Congo is Will Farrell. He did voice work for the CG animated film, and played one of the gorillas in Congo. Seriously, have you seen the man's chest hair?

One thing I loved about Congo, and I guess this applies to Michael Crichton's books in general, is how scientific it was in its approach. The entire time, I'm trying to focus on the plot, but the factual insights really help move the story along. Crichton's description of the Congo region is as an untouched jungle; exciting, but potentially deadly. I think that's what makes it so terrifying: nobody knows which it will be. (PG-13)

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