September 1, 2010

The Garden of Eve

K.L. Going, 2007
Evie has a seed
that she hopes will lead her to
her deceased mother

Evie is a young girl whose mother has recently died, and whose father has moved them to a small town in rural New York. She is obviously not excited about the move and even less excited about the cemetery that sits adjacent to their newly acquired property. Within a few days, she learns of a curse on the town that keeps things from growing, meets a dead boy, and receives a special gift.

It’s fairly religious in tone, with obvious allusions to the Garden of Eden, and has a bittersweet ending. I can see this making a cute little movie, but as a book, it felt a little flung together. The characters were a tad too predictable, and although the plot had some interesting twists, I still felt like there were some major questions that were not answered. And I do not like plot holes… (PG)

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