August 1, 2010


William Shakespeare, 1603
Told that he will rule,
Macbeth allows his lust and
greed to take control

I'm proud to finally know where the famous "Double, double toil and trouble" quote comes from. (Did anyone else think it was from the movie with the Olsen twins?) And you've got to love the curse on theatres that the play supposedly has. While in a theatre, it is bad luck to say the name 'Macbeth' and if performing in the play, you should beware of any misfortunes or accidents that may befall you. Really people.

I guess the ultimate question I have about this text is why Macbeth did what he did? He seemed like such a decent fellow to have fallen so far and so quickly. Was it simply greed that made him desire power or was Lady Macbeth more to blame than anyone? She sure wore the kilt in that relationship. I think the real moral of the story would be to choose carefully when taking a dame. (BTW, I was just kidding about the Olsen twins.) (PG-13)

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