July 1, 2010

Mass Effect: Revelation

Drew Karpyshyn, 2007
In the near future
humans share the universe
with alien peeps

My husband, Kurt, had been asking me to read one of these books for months. Finally I broke down and did it. My immediate reaction: Not too bad. This book is the prequel to the story of Mass Effect, most popularly known to video game enthusiasts. In fact, shortly after Mass Effect 2 was released, I was reading in the break room and I suddenly became pretty popular with the IT guys. Shocker.

One thing I found difficult was the lack of development with the characters. They felt one-sided and unwilling or unable to budge from their pre-molded shells. Unfortunately, this led to the demise of the one instance of a semi-romantic story line. Despite the cookie-cutter characters, I felt the technical jargon easy to grasp and was quite proud when I deduced from the various descriptions of interstellar races that the character on the cover of the book was a Turian. Small victories... (PG-13)

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