October 16, 2010

The Velveteen Rabbit

Margery Williams, 1922
A special rabbit
loved by a child is brought to
life by a fairy

Something about the idea of stuffed animals and toys being real makes me really happy. I remember believing this as a child (I was possibly influenced by the movie A Little Princess. Not the Shirley Temple version.), and this may be why I’m twenty-eight and still have a bucket full of stuffed pigs in our storage closet. It’s a great idea, toys being real, unless the toy’s a clown or a ventriloquist dummy. (Thanks a lot, R.L. Stine…)

I can’t imagine being a child, though, and getting sick and having all of my toys burned in a bonfire. Imagine the guilt. My friend Nicole, as a child, would make her bed in the morning and sit her stuffed animals lovingly in their places. Only she had to switch their places every once in awhile to make it fair for all of them. Remember when Stephanie on Full House gave Mr. Bear to Michelle? Yeah that was really nice. (G)

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