November 16, 2010

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll, 1865
Down the rabbit hole
Alice discovers herself
in a strange new place

The animated Disney version was never something that I watched as a kid, which probably meant that my mom didn't like it. But there was a live-action mini-series from 1985 starring some unknown child actress and a host of better-known actors like Scott Baio and Red Buttons. I recently rented it from Netflix, and I realized that it's definitely one of those movies that was only really good when you were five.

Lucky for Kurt, I didn't force him to watch the entire thing. (I wasn't so lucky when he rented Fantastic Four.) One of the best things about the book was that it felt like I'd already read it. I know that sounds weird, but seeing multiple film versions of this made the book feel like an old friend. I knew all the little poems, and all the funny character quirks. It's strange to have never read a book, but to know the story so well. Which I'm sure is how most people feel about classic literature. Movies... (PG)

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  1. I was on a plane when I read this, and I was really delighted. Any nonsense that people go on about how drug induced the whole thing is, is crazy. It's a sweet/ interesting story, and if you are me, an embarrass yourself on a plane by laughing out loud silly story.

  2. and ps. all of the original artwork was done by a really famous printmaker. All of the illustrations were engravings. Through the Looking Glass wasn't included because he didn't want to illustrate it. I'd like to have that kind of clout someday.