December 1, 2010

Animal Farm

George Orwell, 1945
Animals take charge
and end up becoming that
which they most despise
This is one of those books where there's an uneasy feeling, a sense that something is just not right the entire time. Although, I'm sure that was maybe Orwell's intent, it was still a little unsettling. I love the metaphor that he presents, but I found myself kind of scared. Again, probably the intent of the author. Something about animals talking and being nasty to each other...

I want to think it's a happy world between animals, like in Babe, or Charlotte's Web, so when farm animals start attacking one another, I get kind of creeped out. After reading about sweet little piggies growing up and making friends, it's rather disturbing to see devious little piggies plotting against their fellow animals and walking around on two feet. Bunch of freaks. (PG-13)

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