February 1, 2011

The Lost Symbol

Dan Brown, 2009
Robert Langdon must
decipher the clues that will
help save his mentor

It surprises me that Robert Langdon, as a character, with all of the harrowing experiences he has under his belt, still isn't able to strip back some of his extreme skepticism. He doesn't seem to have developed as a character at all, and it's disappointing. But Dan Brown writes good thrillers. They're entertaining, even if severely reminiscent of each other, but I think he needs to just stick to the cool thriller parts.

One of the best parts of a thriller is the plot twist. And this book's got 'em. Some very predictable. I guessed at the most major twist a fifth of the way into the book. I mean, there are only so many options, so when you introduce a character and give me too much info, things just click. Also, the attempts to enlighten readers with religious theories for the last fifty pages of the book is just boring. (PG-13)

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