December 16, 2010

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith, 2009
Lizzy and Darcy
master the deadly arts in
defense of England

I have several thoughts about this one. I guess that's not uncommon for me, as these posts are just mindless ramblings most of the time, but I've seriously thought this one out. I was pretty excited to read this book. It's a best-seller, and everyone's wanting to read it, and I thought it was a clever idea. I'm all for something original, something that's semi-violent and witty all at once. And it was. But that was it.

It's short of amazing. I'll admit, I found myself laughing out loud in the beginning and found the story more enjoyable because I was already well-acquainted with it. But, by changing the characters into zombie slayers, it caused them to lose much of their charm and after about 100 pages, the zombie theme became a little tedious, and unfortunately, the book quickly lost momentum. Read the original. (PG-13)

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  1. I am so very glad that you read this so I don't have to....and I'm also VERY glad you've decided to come to Fort Bragg!!! I can't WAIT for our family picture now that EVERYONE is coming!!