January 1, 2011

Why Sinatra Matters

Pete Hamill, 1998
From music to film
Sinatra has made his mark
in the lives of fans

My knowledge of Sinatra's talent is not what I think it should be, but I've seen The Manchurian Candidate, so I guess I'm not completely ignorant. I'm also somewhat familiar with the Rat Pack, as my father was a fan of Robin and the 7 Hoods. (Don't know why, but he was.) I was always a little more into Bing Crosby, sweet little crooner, although they both have lovely eyes.

The story told of Sinatra's birth and upbringing in Hoboken is truly a fascinating look at the socio-political climate of the early 20th century. The music of the time, prohibition and immigration all played a part in Sinatra's discovery as a musician and an actor. He claims that his voice is not his instrument. His instrument is the microphone. Although flawed, Sinatra remains as a legend and an inspiration. (R)

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