March 1, 2011

Reservation Road

John Burnham Schwartz, 1998
Two fathers' lives are
forever changed one night by
senseless tragedy

The main crisis of this book is not a secret. One father, while driving home with his son from a ball game, hits another father's son with his car, killing him instantly, and leaves the scene. It's not a light read. That should be obvious. It's heavy, chock full of grief and turmoil. It took me weeks to finish, and it's not quite 300 pages. Small doses were all I could handle.

There is one question that stood out in my mind: What would I do? And I put myself in both places. As a member of the grieving family, and as the offender, the one who left and didn't look back. I like to think that I would react differently than each one of them, but the truth is that in real life there is no black and white to a situation like this. Just a lot of grey. (R)

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