May 16, 2011

Around the World in Eighty Days

Jules Verne, 1873
Phileas Fogg is
a man to be reckoned with;
he gets what he wants.

I was pretty excited to finally read something by Jules Verne, as he is Doc Brown's favorite author (refer to Back to the Future Part III). Doc Brown liked Jules Verne so much (and so did his wife, Clara) that he named his two sons Jules and Verne. (I guess it's also possible that Verne is a favorite of Robert Zemeckis.) Either way, I am now officially a fan.

I found the story to be light-hearted and quick enough of a read (although a tad packed with cultural references, including a full chapter on Mormons, which in all honesty missed the mark). There's also a bit of a romance, which I guess was supposed to be apparent throughout, but I felt was more than a little downplayed. And it's always great to find an ending that's worth the wait. (PG)

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