July 16, 2011

Circle of Friends

Maeve Binchy, 1990
Benny is the kind
of girl who people notice
after they should have

I first read this as a teenager at the suggestion of my grandma, and I'm happy to say that it continues to get better each time I read it. Binchy does such a teriffic job of making her characters seem very realistic and yet at the same time very fascinating, and the setting of 1950's Ireland adds exponentially to the charm of the story.

It's so great to find an author who can deal with inappropriate topics in an appropriate way. She's not a tease; she's straight-forward but lends herself more to character development than explicit detail which is refreshing in this age of tell-all authors. There's something special about this place that she's created, and in this case, 596 pages is just not enough. (PG-13)

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