June 1, 2011


Mary Shelley, 1818
A creature unloved
by his creator may well
become a problem

I'm pretty sure the reader was set up to feel bad for Dr. Frankenstein, but I confess I actually feel more sympathy for the monster. Frankenstein got this wild idea to create life, and instead of starting slowly with a bunny or something, decided to make a person. And of course we wouldn't want to take some time to make him look normal, no, let's just get it done as fast as we can.

Frankenstein claimed the monster was evil from the start, but really being abandoned by his thoughtless creator was what did him in. I'm so grateful that I know we have a loving creator who cares about us and who would never leave us. We were made with a purpose and a plan, not just to satisfy the scientific curiosities of a selfish idiot. Playing god never turns out well. (PG-13)

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