August 1, 2011

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Jules Verne, 1864
In Iceland's mountains
the descent begins into
an underground world

Axel (whose name I enjoy a lot more in an 1800's German setting) is basically pushed around the entire book by his uncle, the eccentric Professor Otto Liedenbrock, almost until the point of death. I don't really understand why eccentricity allows his uncle to get away with so much. Categorizing someone's complete disregard for others as 'eccentric' is the same as giving them carte blanche to be a poopstick.

Most of the book is spent in caves (understandably), and I'll admit to feeling claustrophic just from reading. The idea of zero natural light and getting lost or stuck absolutely terrifies me. It's like being buried alive. By choice. Of his stories, Around the World in Eighty Days was more interesting to me. I like Jules Verne, but I wouldn't recommend this as a must-read. (PG)

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