December 16, 2011

As You Like It

William Shakespeare, 1599
Rosalind dresses
as a man to hide herself
and win her true love

I remember this as the play that was used to mirror the situation in Never Been Kissed. Although Orlando and Rosalind were not teacher and student...tsk tsk. Not really a classic Shakespearean read for high school students, but Michael Vartan was a pretty hip teacher, all falling in love with students in disguise and crap. Reading this though solved a little mystery for me, as I finally recognized what Gene Wilder was singing in Willy Wonka while he's riding the bike.

Famous speeches abound; make sure you read the section by Jaques that contains "All the world's a stage". And the third act plays out nicely; I'd love to see this performed. I don't necessarily get the whole Oliver and Celia love at first sight thing, but that's ok. Rosalind absolutely fits in with the rest of Shakespeare's female leads, being about as spunky and clever as they come. (PG)

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