October 1, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

William Shakespeare, 1599
False accusations
never seem to work out as
good as they do here

This is my favorite Shakespeare play. Hands down. There's a great drama surrounding Claudio & Hero, but the best parts involve Beatrice & Benedick. It manages to be heartbreaking & distressing, and also witty & romantic at the same time. Probably some of the best written dialogue between a male and female lead, and Benedick is by far the most clever of Shakespeare's heroes.

The film with Kenneth Branagh & Emma Thompson is phenomenal. No exaggeration. There's so much about it that's great: KB & ET have amazing chemistry (they were married at the time), Robert Sean Leonard is beautiful as always, Michael Keaton (the best of the old Batmans), & Denzel speaking anything Shakespeare = cool. Three things to overlook: Kate Beckinsale's eyebrows, Keanu Reeves (obviously), & a plethora of naked bottoms in the opening credits. ...I'm just saying. (PG-13)

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