January 1, 2012

The Odyssey

Homer, ca. 8th century BC
Odysseus finds
it more than difficult for
him to return home

Apparently the only version of The Odyssey that is available to read online is the Roman version, so I spent quite a few chapters wondering who the heck Ulysses was. (Roman is to Greek as Ulysses is to Odysseus). Like I'm supposed to be up on my Roman/Greek counterparts? Either way, Ulysses/Odysseus is not my favorite character. He's arrogant to the point of endangering his men, and still doesn't seem to give a hoot.

And although he's been gone for about twenty years, he doesn't always seem in such a hurry to get home. He shacks up with Circe for a full "twelvemonth" before he decides it's about time to be setting off. And when he finally does get back to Ithaca, he gets revenge. And I'm not talking about toilet-papering some houses; I'm talking straight-up Mel Gibson in The Patriot with the hatchet: major bloodbath. A little nuts? I think so. (PG-13)

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