December 1, 2011

Our Town

Thornton Wilder, 1938
The Gibbs & the Webbs
are intertwined forever
by love & by loss

In a playwriting class in college we watched a recording of this play, and I remember feeling just as emotional then as I did laying on my couch reading on Saturday morning. Of course this may have something to do with my hormones being out of control at the moment, but I really feel like Wilder has a way of letting the reader get inside his head. Almost as if he himself was talking out loud, trying to work out his own existence.

The play portrays everyday people leading normal lives, and yet they come to represent much more as the audience familiarizes themselves and recognizes similarities that we all share. Most people, I think, fit into the 'everyman' category, and so it plays out as a sort of exhibition of life itself and allows each person to explore their own fears and their own insecurities. It's well-written and applicable even seventy years later. (PG)

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