January 16, 2012

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Ian Fleming, 1964
Life would be so much
better if we all had our
own magical car

Actually, I'd rather not everyone have a magical car. Just me. It's a totally selfish desire, I know, but too bad. I was pretty sad when I started the book and realized that Caractacus Potts was married...and not to Truly Scrumptious! What's that about? Truly is the best part of the movie, so to have her replaced by "Mimsy" was disappointing to say the least. (Mimsy's character's pretty dull, so I can see why they made Potts a widower in the film.)

It's a fun little story though, (although Truly Scrumptious would have spiced things up a bit) this cute little family bumbling over the English coast in their flying/sailing car and foiling criminals. And although I was sad about Truly, I was quite relieved that the creepster child catcher was not a part of the book. Just a simple children's story from the creator of James Bond. (G)

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  1. How crazy is that? I had no idea Fleming wrote this. Also I think the key to most super things is that no one else has them. I sometimes think that if I didn't have to do just one of the things that other people have to do it could be like a super power--like if I didn't have to sleep.