March 1, 2012

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Mitch Albom, 2003
Death comes suddenly
and sometimes brings with it life
lessons we must learn

A novel by the author of Tuesdays With Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven is an interesting take on what happens when people die. The idea is that five people come and explain your life to you, helping you to understand why things happened, and to help you make sense of things. Some of the people you may never have met, but they somehow played a significant role in your life.

While my religious beliefs differ from this idea of heaven, I didn't have any trouble just enjoying the book as fiction and an intriguing story, and I didn't feel like the author was pushing some new theology. In fact, he states in a dedication that his book was written to show people that may feel that their lives are unimportant how profound an effect they have on those around them, and that all of our stories are connected. (PG-13)

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