June 1, 2012

The Old Man & the Sea

Ernest Hemingway, 1952
Santiago meets
his adversary in the
form of a marlin

I am at once ashamed and proud to admit that this is the first book of Hemingway's that I've read. I figured if Manny could read The Old Man and the Sea, then I could sure read it. And although I've had many friends tell me how tedious Hemingway could be, I didn't find this novel hard to get through, despite the lack of chapters to break up the monotony. Also it could have something to do with it only being about 100 pages.

Most of the story takes place at sea, from Santiago's point of view. (Santiago is the Old Man, in case you were wondering.) As he struggles against nature, desperate to get his catch back to port, one can't help feeling emotional over his situation, and wishing they could help this poor, pitiful man. Something about old men always makes me want to cry and give them a hug. (PG)

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