May 1, 2012


A.A. Milne, 1926
A little stuffed bear
and his adventures in the
Hundred Acre Wood

This sweet collection of stories was made even sweeter when I learned that A.A. Milne had written it for his son, Christopher Robin. Of course, his son had these stuffed toys, most notably Pooh, and the stories came to life from there. Disney has done a great job of bringing these characters to life, and Sterling Holloway as the original voice of Pooh couldn't be any more perfect. "I'm a little black raincloud, of course."

It was a little sad that Tigger was not a part of the original collection of stories, as he is a dynamic character and more interesting than some of the others (fill in your own blanks). Probably the only real surprising element was how much of a punk Eeyore was. He was always gloomy and depressed in the cartoons, but I never felt like he was using it to his advantage. He was definitely fishing for sympathy and attention. Almost like an emotional hypochondriac. (G)

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